Wellness and performance in the workplace

The Nature of Work has Changed.

Our goal is to help organizations and leaders create healthy workplaces where employees are engaged and inspired.

SE Hobbs - Workshops and Learning Solutions

Workshops and Learning Solutions

Explore our workshops and programs – from targeted micro-learning modules and personalized profile reports to more intensive “off the shelf”, customized sessions. Topics include mental health and wellness in the workplace, behavioural assessment tools to help leaders and organizations foster team resilience, increase communications and lessen workplace burnout. Certified mental health trainings include The Working Mind (TWM) and Mental Health First Aid (MHFA). These certified programs provide the necessary skills to support individuals at work and home living with mental health issues.

Coaching and Consulting Services

Explore individual, dual or team coaching and discuss customized solutions for your workplace. We help organizations and leaders cultivate greater relational engagement, improve workplace mental health and wellbeing, and optimize performance.
SE Hobbs - Coaching and  Consulting Services

Build The Business You Need Now

There is no “new normal” as workplaces navigate the changing nature of work. Cultivate a culture of belonging, purpose, and growth by learning new ways of investing in your relationships. Please contact us to learn more how we can guide you and your organization toward healthy engagement.

SE Hobbs - Foster workplace wellness

Foster workplace wellness

Promoting healthy relationships, mental health and personal wellness will help your organization thrive through challenging times.

SE Hobbs - Increase employee engagement.

Increase employee engagement

Employee engagement is key to business success and customer satisfaction. Engaged employees perform better, experience less workplace stress, and increase retention.

SE Hobbs - Create an inclusive culture.

Create an inclusive culture

Diversity and inclusion are clearly linked to business results. Employees thrive when they feel that they truly belong and are provided with any accommodations needed to fully contribute.
SE Hobbs - Strengthen your team

Strengthen your team

Resilient employees and teams are better equipped to handle challenges and support each other in reaching common goals. Coaching for performance can help to address any specific issues that arise.

Our Approach

Our organizational consultants in Ottawa bring together decades of experience in workshop facilitation, workplace wellness, conflict resolution, and more. Our evidence-backed approach leverages research and analysis to make real, lasting impact for your company.

  • Results and solutions-oriented approach
  • Sensitivity to organizational culture
  • Driven to motivate and empower others
  • Skilled and empathic communication


“Sharon was an excellent facilitator!”

“Sharon was lovely and seemed like she would be very understanding and easy to talk to.”

“She was fantastic! This is such a difficult topic, with the potential to pull people down rabbit holes. Sharon kept us on task while letting everyone ask their questions. She was very easy to follow, and I enjoyed listening to her. She did not just read the subject matter, she spoke to it. Excellent presenter!”

“Sharon was excellent and extremely knowledgeable. She provided a comfortable environment and put others at ease to feel they could share and comment through the session.”

“Sharon was very organized and knowledgeable and encouraged sharing – very good facilitator. Thank you!”
“Fantastic facilitator. I would love to have more sessions with her and hope my organization digs even deeper.”

“Sharon did an excellent job! She was respectful and engaging even when the participants preferred to remain silent. As stated above, she addressed issues and moved on without shaming unresponsive participants. very effective!”

“Lucienne is a dynamic facilitator who, through active engagement, can bring about positive results.”

“Sharon did an excellent job! She was respectful and engaging even when the participants preferred to remain silent. As stated above, she addressed issues and moved on without shaming unresponsive participants. Very effective!”
“I went into this session with trepidation, viewing it as just another PowerPoint presentation on what we needed to do…what a shock, and to my amazement, I was captivated and engaged the whole way through, and this thanks to our facilitator Lucienne.”

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