Psychotherapy & Counselling

Life is Full of Challenges and Changes

Our goal is to empower clients to find vitality and meaningful connections in their lives.

Counselling for Individuals

As professional certified counsellors, registered psychotherapists and social workers, we are committed to your growth and emotional wellbeing. We work with you to explore, clarify and gain understanding of the patterns of emotions and behaviours that may no longer help you. Together we will support you to lessen stress and improve the quality of your relationships.

SE Hobbs - Counselling for<br />
SE Hobbs - Couples Counselling<br />
& Retreats

Couples Counselling
& Retreats

We are dedicated to helping couples gain the wisdom, insights and desire to grow by learning new ways of being together in relationship.

Working collaboratively, we define your couple goal, address your individual concerns and wishes to support a plan to get you back on track together. You will each gain understanding of your unique couple pattern, needs and values. We draw from the field of neuroscience and attachment theory models to help couples find greater intimacy, security and happiness.

We specialize in treating a wide range of couples issues from communications, conflict and anger management issues, money, sex and intimacy, infidelity issues, to pre-marital, pregnancy and parenting issues.

Ask about our unique couples retreats and weekend intensives which provide personalized programs for couples.

Our Approach

A range of capabilities that fit your needs
SE Hobbs - Manage Stress & Burnout

Manage Stress & Burnout

Burnout is a state of intense emotional, mental and often physical exhaustion that occurs when people are overworked or have been carrying excessive stress for long periods of time. Therapy can help you recover from burnout and improve stress management skills for the future.

SE Hobbs - Navigate Life Transitions

Navigate Life Transitions

Even the most exciting life transitions can be a little bit overwhelming. Change is hard! If you are experiencing a major life transition, whether it be in your career, your relationships, or beyond, we are here to listen and help.

SE Hobbs - Relieve Anxiety & Depression

Relieve Anxiety & Depression

Living with anxiety and depression can feel isolating and difficult. It can leave you feeling low, sad or hopeless. Therapy can help to relieve some of the symptoms of anxiety and depression, and provide you with the tools and support needed to start feeling like you again.

SE Hobbs - Support for Grief & Loss

Support for Grief & Loss

Grief, sometimes called bereavement, looks different for everyone. While many associate grief with the death of someone close to them, grief can arise from many situations in our lives. No matter the reason for your grief, our counselling professionals can support you.

Approach & Modalities

Somatic Experiencing

This approach emphasizes the mind-body connection when addressing mental health concerns. Trauma, stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges have both psychological and physiological impacts. With Somatic Experiencing, we explore this connection to foster healing.


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is an evidence-based talk therapy that empowers individuals to identify, acknowledge, and work through negative thought patterns. CBT draws a connection between our feelings, thoughts, and behaviours and is a practical tool for those looking to improve their psychological health.


Emotionally-Focused Therapy focuses on emotional dynamics as the foundation for relational health. EFT is one of the leading therapy methods for couples because this approach helps define attachment styles, identify sources of conflict, and provides tools to create a secure, long-lasting bond.


The Gestalt method emphasizes personal experience, responsibility, and mindfulness. The client works with a Gestalt-trained therapist to explore how their unique individual experience impacts their perspective of a variety of situations. Together, you will learn how to stay in the present, take personal responsibility, and move forward in a healthy way.


This approach to couples therapy combines neuroscience and attachment theory. Your therapist will focus on small shifts in your body as you navigate what you share have been some challenging scenarios for you as a couple. You will learn how to work through conflict together with the knowledge of how our brains and bodies react during relational conflict.

Integrative and Holistic

Your therapist may use a holistic approach and integrate a variety of methods and/or approaches to assist in your healing. Together, you will learn and explore which methods may work best for your goals.


“Sharon, I’m very grateful for the sessions we did with you and everything we learned. Those are tools I’ll definitely be using forever!”

“I wanted to thank Sharon profusely for the assistance she provided me years ago. It was truly transformative, and I constantly remember how helpful our sessions were. Thank you so much for your time, your understanding, and your help.”

“Mylene has a compassionate heart and a skill for making clients feel safe and secure during sessions. Her methods are led with empathy but professionally executed. She saw me during my first year as a student and exponentially helped me navigate the transition to a new place while still coming to peace with family turbulence at home. Overall, I cannot recommend Mylene enough; I will forever be grateful for our sessions.”

“Thank you Mylène for everything I learned in working with you. I felt comfortable opening up about my past. Through our sessions, I learned to trust my values and lead with them. It has been over a year since our last session, yet you continue to have a huge impact on how I view my life and make decisions. I have managed to set healthy boundaries for myself and find myself nurturing a new and healthy relationship, which feels great!”

Change starts here.

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