SE Hobbs


Benefits of Coaching…

  • Increased productivity, performance quality
  • Reduced stress in one’s personal and professional lives
  • Greater well-being and success in important areas of your life, leaving time for more creativity and joy
  • Increased customer and employee retention
  • Reduced workplace conflict and increased organizational commitment
  • Greater communications and improved relations with key partners and stakeholders
  • Increased team effectiveness and overall job satisfaction

Personal & Career Coaching

  • Coaching provides the tools, support and structure to help you accomplish more.
  • As your coach, we work in partnership in helping you to discover your own secrets to living the life you want, personally and professionally.
  • We work with you to establish specific goals and envision clear, personal and professional, outcomes that are aligned with your core-life values and belief.  As a result, you are easily on track to living your actualized life that is Empowered, Energized and Engaged.
  • To lead others, you must first lead yourself. Coaching is about self-discovery, awakening and unleashing your potential.

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

  • Executive coaching is both strategy and individualized programming to meet your specific needs. We work in partnership to assess the current and future-state of the needs of your organization, as well as your individual and personal needs and goals. It is a practical, bottom-line and results-oriented approach.
  • We recognize the demanding, high-stressed, and at times, isolating environment that you operate within. As your Executive Coach, we work with you to help you identify your personal criteria for measuring ROI, solve problems, establish priorities and make the most of opportunities. We challenge, stimulate discussion, brainstorm alternatives, and provide support.
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