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Woohoo Moments!

Voluntary Survey: Success Tips & Advice From Parents Of Exceptional Kids

  • If you are a parent of a child with a disability, we are interested in your story.
  • This voluntary study and survey looks at a broad range of items found in the daily routine of a parent-child relationship.  Items may include: nutrition, hygiene, sleep, speech, mobility, education, medical interventions, alternative health interventions, relationships, finances, etc.
  • In one short paragraph (no longer than 250 words), write about one key item, and the tip or advice that worked successfully for you and your child.  For example, it may have been your story of witnessing successful results in your child’s speech after introducing omega oils into his/her diet.  Or it may have been an incredible school educator, doctor or nurse who instilled hope in you and your child’s life.
  • We want the memorable events that brought a smile to your face, joy and hope to your day.  These successes become a tribute to parents and children as well as a legacy of hope to new parents facing similar life challenges.
  • Whatever your story….. We want to hear it…..  This is you and your child’s WooHoo Moment… Let’s Celebrate And Share The Success!

Click here for your Woohoo Moments! Submission

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